Roll 4 Vets

By Cohesion BJJ (other events)

2 Dates Through Feb 23, 2020

Roll 4 vets will be bigger and better as it was on Last year which had 90+ in attendance with 4 amazing instructors on the mats volunteering their time !

You do not have to be a veteran to attend this event!!

22+ veterans die to suicide everyday, let get together to fight and help get them the treatment and help they need !

It cost $2,500 to get a vet a full Scholarship at Mighty oaks ! Let's get after it !

Please join us this year on the mats to help raise awareness on veteran suicide as well as learn about Two great programs that helps give our veterans purpose once again Mighty oaks warrior program  & Eagle Ops.
Portion of the proceeds will benefit both organizations!!!

This event will be one day Gi and one day NoGi

Each Session is $50

February 22-23
Both days will be from 12-2:30pm

Each session we will roll 

Prizes & Giveaways ! 

We will also have a donation jar for donations to Mighty Oaks & Eagle Ops.